Primary star bands

Primary star bands

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A set of twenty five lampwork glass beads in opaque red, blue and yellow, kiln annealed for lasting strength. Each of these bright beads has five raised stripes in a contrasting colour to the base glass.

Making this set was highly enjoyable – I sat and made lots and lots of beads in all six of the possible colour combinations using these three colours of glass, and had planned to make them into several sets according to the colour of the base beads. This idea went out of the window after I’d cleaned the beads and put them in a big pile to dry off on the edge of the Rayburn – it was a beautiful jumbly riot of colour which I just couldn’t bring myself to split up…

So: this is my biggest set yet, and I’m really pleased with it!

A pair of plain opaque blue lampwork glass beads completes the set, and the beads have been strung with seed beads in yellow, red and blue for you to use in your jewellery projects.

  • The beads were made on 1.6mm mandrels.
  • The diameter of the centre bead is 11.5mm and the width is 9.5mm, including the raised bands.
  • The diameter of the smallest decorated bead is 9.5mm, and the width is 7.5mm, including the raised bands.
  • Measurements are approximate.
  • Seven views of a single set of twenty five lampwork beads are shown.