Honey stack

Honey stack

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I love to wind spiral disc beads out of glass, and have spent many hours happily engrossed in practising my ‘stretch and wind’ technique.

Each of these seven discs has been wound from reactive silver glass which creates built-in iridescence, the shades of which range from creamy mother-of-pearl and petroleum rainbow at the edges through to gorgeous transparent mirrored purples across the width of the disc.  They make for unusual focal accents when strung adjacent to each other as composite beads, but if you’d like to use the discs singly, rest assured that they are not attached to each other in any way – it’s entirely up to you how you configure them!

The beads were made on 2.4mm mandrels.
Strung together as a composite bead, the stack measures around 18.5mm x 19mm.
The largest disc bead in the set measures 19mm x 3mm.
The smallest disc bead in the set measures 15mm x 1.5mm.
Measurements are approximate.


Please note: due to the simple fact of physics that narrow, flat glass is by its very nature less robust than solid, round glass, these individual disc beads are not likely to respond very well to being sat on or dropped. Like any decent jewellery component, however, they stand up well to ‘normal’ wear and tear.