Warm coral haze

Warm coral haze

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Perhaps you saw my tutorial article in issue 48 of ‘Bead’ magazine (August/September 2013) giving the recipe for ‘jewels of the sea’? These warm coral rounds were made, like the magazine beads, using a variety of transparent glass rods and enamel.

I’m very pleased with the colours in this set.  With more opaque enamel in the mix, the centre bead is more ‘solid’ in appearance and less translucent than its two immediate neighbours, which have a more ‘hazed’ effect. Ranging from a warm pink to a cooler coral, these colours are very natural-looking and absolutely unique, with the glass for each bead being mixed individually using different amounts of the same ingredients.

A size-matched pair of my handmade transparent amethyst lampwork glass beads completes the set.

The beads were made on 1.6mm mandrels.
The centre bead is 13mm x 9.5mm.
Its two neighbours are 12mm x 8.5mm.
The spacer beads are 9.5mm x 6.5mm.
Measurements are approximate.