Secret stone focal

Secret stone focal

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I love stones, pebbles, shingle beaches, cairns, dry-stone walls, those tumbled rocks you can get in net bags from IKEA – you know the sort of thing. And it’s no secret that I love making my own ‘stones’ out of glass, tumbling them in a progression of different media until I get just to the right edge of ‘soft’ that I’m looking for.

This is a simulated stone made from shades of grey, black, white and cream. It has delicate striations within the grey parts and a central swirl of black and silvered ivory. The swirl has tiny highlights of pure silver which add little ‘flashes’ as the bead moves in the light.

The texture of the bead is beautifully smooth and very tactile. I have one like this as a ‘pocket stone’, a kind of beady security blanket, but this one would also work really well just knotted on a length of cord, perfect perhaps for the man in your life. Or woman. Or yourself. Whomever it’s for, and in case you’d like to do this, included with the bead is a metre of plain 2mm black cotton cord.

The bead was made on a 2.4mm mandrel.
It measures 19mm from hole to hole, and 17.5mm at its widest point.
Measurements are approximate.