Jadesque nuggets

Jadesque nuggets

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A set of seven lampwork glass beads in mottled shades of jade and stone, kiln annealed for lasting strength. I had such fun creating these beads, for which I used white, green and amber glass, together with a touch of fine silver. They were shaped at the torch using hand tools. Each bead has a different natural smooth stone-like shape with a seam of dark glass punctuating the shiny mottled surface.

This is my first set of ‘organic’ beads for absolutely ages, and I thoroughly enjoyed making them.

The beads have been strung with little sterling silver saucer beads for you to use in your jewellery projects.

* The beads were made on 1.6mm mandrels.
* The centre bead measures 13mm at its widest point and 13.5mm from hole to hole.
* The smallest bead measures 11mm at its widest point and 10mm from hole to hole.
* Measurements are approximate.
* Five views of a single set of seven lampwork beads are shown.