Sketchbook 1

Sketchbook 1

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A set of nine doughnut-shaped beads in shades of turquoise, ivory and green, kiln annealed for lasting strength.

I’ve been revisiting a couple of combinations that I’ve always loved but haven’t played with for a while. It’s back to basics with this set – back to using 2.4mm mandrels for a straighter-sided bead shape (and of course a bigger hole than my favourite-for-ages 1.6mm mandrels) – using dots and swirls and several colours to create a beady ‘sketchbook’.

So, a random mix of beads using light and dark turquoise, gorgeous creamy ivory and some – believe it or not – aqua glass, which I’ve used over ivory to create colour-reacted olive. Loving the chemical colour reactions in this combination – every application of turquoise on ivory, or ivory on turquoise, has its very own narrow outline!

The spacer beads finishing off this set are size-matched, but for added interest the pair is made up of beads in two different shades of turquoise! The beads have been strung on lovely satin ribbon.

The beads were made on 2.4mm mandrels.
The diameter of the centre bead is 14.5mm and the width is 10mm.
The diameter of the smallest decorated bead is 12.5mm, and the width is 8.5mm.
Measurements are approximate.
Three views of a single set of nine lampwork beads are shown.