Stonestreak palette

Stonestreak palette

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A set of nine little lampwork glass beads in gorgeous streaky shades of stone, kiln annealed for lasting strength.

I’ve been researching stone effects over the summer, and how best to achieve them using my favourite medium of glass!

The seven glass stonestreak beads in this set have stunning natural lines and sweeps of colour, and are supershiny!

There’s a whole mix of colours here, ranging from earthy terracotta and ochre through to green, blue and even a splash of purple.

A pair of plain opaque violet lampwork glass beads completes the set, and the beads have been strung with pearl-like seed beads for you to use in your jewellery projects.

The beads were made on 1.6mm mandrels.
The diameter of the centre bead is 11mm and the width is 8mm.
The diameter of the smallest stonestreak bead is 10mm, and the width is 7mm.
Measurements are approximate.
Four views of a single set of nine lampwork beads are shown.