Akhotep catra collection

Akhotep catra collection

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‘Ptep is my head, the balancing blue sky
Mandira is my green all-sensing eye
Kelotaukhon, compper maw, my mystery
Golden chest of Parda strongly glows
Lower crimson Oshtis feels and knows
Nimble tail is Ailur, indigo’

This collection of catra beads was inspired by Nick Green’s Cat Kin series of children’s books. Nick asked me to design beads to represent each of the six catras featured in the books, and I’m really pleased with how the collection has turned out.

Please click here to find out more about Nick’s books, and where this catra collection was conceived.

Catra beads are made on 2.4mm mandrels.
Each bead is made individually, and the bead size is between 8mm x 12mm and 9mm x 13mm.
Measurements are approximate.
Four views of a single collection of beads is shown.

If you’d rather amass your collection single bead by single bead, please pop back to the main catra beads page to make your selection.

My collection of catra beads was conceived along the lines of enabling you to build your own collection, and as such are available individually, or as a full set of six. Each bead has been wound by hand from molten Venetian glass in my workshop in East Sussex, United Kingdom.

They are supplied as loose beads, rather than finished jewellery.  They’ll slip easily onto a piece of cord or narrow ribbon, and would also fit on a 1.6mm sterling silver snake chain. Conceived to be worn either one at a time or in combination, use your imagination and engage your pashki powers!