Catra beads

Catra beads are now available!

Akhotep’s catra chant – copyright Nick Green

Ptep is my head, the balancing blue sky
Mandira is my green all-sensing eye
Kelotaukhon, copper maw, my mystery
Golden chest of Parda strongly glows
Lower crimson Oshtis feels and knows
Nimble tail is Ailur, indigo

The enthralling books ‘The Cat Kin’ and ‘Cat’s Paw’ offer a rollercoaster ride of a tale involving a group of teenage children who go along to what had promised to be a gym class but which instead offers training in the lost art of ‘pashki’.

Their teacher of this ancient art, Mrs Powell, explains that ‘pashki awakens the part of yourself that is like a cat. For cats have much to teach us.’ From this starting point, the children are instructed on how to use and practise a series of cat-like movements and powerful energies, and they find themselves needing to draw upon these new skills to survive what becomes an exhilarating and perilous adventure as they come up against a villain with dastardly plans….

“‘The Mau body springs from six points of power,’ said Mrs Powell. ‘Call them catras. Each catra channels a particular kind of energy and appears in a different zone of the body.’”

Renowned children’s author Nick Green, writer of ‘The Cat Kin’ series of books, asked if I would like to make some ‘Catra’ beads.  In this extract from his own website he explains the theory of catras:

The classic pashki tradition is based on the theory of catras. In the simplest terms, a catra is a zone of energy, like a knot or an eye, situated in a particular region of the body. They are most often thought of as eyes, and pashki practitioners generally perceive them as cat’s eyes of different colours. Between them, these zones of energy generate the ‘Mau body’, which is a cat-shaped form of the yogic subtle body. (N.B. This is not the same thing as the ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ although there are similarities to be drawn.) The Mau body exists closer to the physical plane than the spiritual one, which is why it can have physical effects.

It is possible to learn the physical pashki discipline without any mastery of catras at all. However, under these conditions pashki will merely increase strength and agility to moderate levels, like any similar form of exercise. For pashki to grant truly cat-like grace and other feline abilities, it is considered important to engage catras and the Mau body.

My collection of ‘Catra’ beads was conceived on a ‘build your own catra collection’ basis, and as such they are available individually, or as a full set of six.  Each bead has been wound by hand from molten Venetian glass in my workshop in East Sussex, United Kingdom, and has a hole size of just over 2mm.  Due to their handmade nature, ‘Catra’ beads vary in size.  The beads range from between 8mm x 12mm to around 9mm x 13mm.

They are supplied as loose beads, rather than finished jewellery.  They’ll slip easily onto a piece of cord or narrow ribbon, and would also fit on a 1.6mm sterling silver snake chain. Conceived to be worn either one at a time or in combination, use your imagination and engage your pashki powers!

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