Pale stonesoft

Pale stonesoft

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A set of five lampwork glass beads in pale opaque pearly grey, kiln annealed for lasting strength and tumbled for a beautifully soft, matte finish.

These lovely stonelike beads have a narrow band of reactive silvered ivory glass around their girth, giving a beautiful organic look to the set. They are temptingly smooth and ever so tactile, and would be perfect used as feature beads in a stone-themed jewellery project. Accent beads of obsidian or haematite spring to mind…. I’ve a project of my own in the planning, using some stone-effect beads!

The beads have been strung with pearl-effect seed beads for you to use in your jewellery projects.

The beads were made on 1.6mm mandrels.
The diameter of the centre bead is 11.5mm and the width is 8mm.
The diameter of the smallest decorated bead is 9.5mm, and the width is 6.5mm.
Measurements are approximate.
Four views of a single set of five lampwork beads are shown.