Oxide I

Oxide I

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A single focal bead made from black glass, enamel and metal leaf, kiln annealed for lasting strength.

This chunky focal bead has a lovely ‘organic’ look, feel and shape – it’s the result of some beady experimentation I’ve been indulging in after a brilliantly inspiring and highly enjoyable class I took recently with the amazing Jennifer Geldard. It was great fun to make. It has a smooth but tactile surface and a high level of shine, with gentle gradation of colour from white to turquoise to metallic coppery tones. It would be an ideal focal point for an organic style necklace, or would be an excellent ‘man bead’ strung simply on a knotted leather thong.

  • The bead was made on a 2.4mm mandrel.
  • It measures 24.5mm from hole to hole and 13.5mm at the thickest point in the centre.
  • Measurements are approximate.
  • Three views of a single lampwork bead are shown.