Spacescape necklet

Spacescape necklet

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A unique and absolutely stunning lampwork glass bead and sterling silver pendant on a sleek contemporary 16” black six-strand cable necklet with sterling silver bayonet clasp.

The one-off focal bead measures just over 40mm in length, and is 11.5mm at its girth. The bead, which is made of black glass decorated with silvered ivory stringer, shows off a spacescape design with glinting metallic highlights on the surface of the glass. The crescent moon and the top edge of the spacerock design on the bottom half of the bead have beautiful soft powdery-looking edges. Simple, sleek and stunning.

Sterling silver beadcaps and wireworked sterling silver findings complete the pendant, which has been hung with a heavy-duty 6mm sterling silver jumpring on the necklet.  Should you wish to ring the changes, the pendant is easy to remove from the necklet by simply sliding it off.