Mosaic flower merge

Mosaic flower merge

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A set of seven lampwork glass beads in white, pink and two shades of purple, kiln annealed for lasting strength.

Each of these delightful floral beads sports six four-petalled flowers in sumptuous reactive glass, giving the petals a beautifully soft-edged appearance. Two beads have flowers in heliotrope, which is a lovely reddish purple, two are a deep violet, and one is fuchsia. The two remaining beads are extra special in that they have flowers in two different colours. This is what has created the merge effect in this unusual set.

The beads have been strung on a length of sleek black ribbon.

  • The beads were made on 1.6mm mandrels.
  • The diameter of the centre bead is 11.5mm and the width is 9mm.
  • The diameter of the smallest decorated bead is 11mm, and the width is 8.5mm.
  • Measurements are approximate.
  • Four views of a single set of seven lampwork beads are shown.