More project progress

I’ve been practising my silver coring, and am really pleased with the results.

I’ve tweaked my measuring technique – and have now, I think, identified the right length of sterling silver tube which is appropriate to the shape of the holes of the beads I’m coring.  I’ve taken to writing everything down – this reminds me so much of science experiments at school, where I started with a hypothesis, worked out the method of what to do in order to confirm (or not!) the hypothesis – and logged absolutely everything so that I could draw accurate conclusions….. sigh!

Actually, when it comes to beads, it’s MUCH more exciting than that. Very often, when working with glass in the flame, I’m not entirely sure what to expect, and let the flow of the glass dictate the bead’s final ’roundness’, or the idiosyncracies of reactive colours to find their own way. And this post-beadmaking silver work is a different side to things – a foil to the ‘try it and see’ approach involved in many of my bead designs.

So, although there’s a lot of ‘try it and see’ with the silver coring learning curve, I’m finding it really helps to scribble down measurements and have an organised approach – which is rather removed from my somewhat chaotic life at the flame…

Here’s a short video about my progress so far.

Hunt for the silver core… chapter 2! from Rebecca Weddell on Vimeo.