Liquid lights greens

Liquid lights greens

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A beautiful lampwork focal bead in teal, emerald and clear glass and pure silver, kiln annealed for lasting strength.

The iridescent pools of silver that catch the light so beautifully are capped with a covering of clear glass, left raised, to enhance their sparkle and shine. In this bead, which is emerald green at one end and teal at the other, the iridescence sparkles in a gorgeous range of silvered blues.

The bead was made on a 2.4mm mandrel.
It measures 19.5mm from hole to hole and 13.5mm around its girth, including the raised dots.
Measurements are approximate.
Three views of a single lampwork glass focal bead are shown.

NB: This bead slides easily on to one of the sterling silver snake chains for sale on the ‘Ready to Wear’ page.