Liquid lights green

Liquid lights green

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A single lampwork focal bead made from white, green and clear glass and pure silver, kiln annealed for lasting strength.

This unusual and eye catching bead has beautifully-shaped dots each positioned over a circle of deposited silver. Reactions from the metal have created liquid lights of purple and cyan set off against the honey colours of silver-fumed clear glass on a base bead of gorgeous green. This bead is my favourite so far in the liquid lights range, and has a beautiful tapered shape.

The bead was made on a 2.4mm mandrel.
It measures 22.5mm from hole to hole and 14.5mm around its girth, including the raised dots.
Measurements are approximate.
Three views of a single lampwork glass focal bead are shown.

NB: This bead slides easily on to one of the sterling silver snake chains for sale on the ‘Ready to Wear’ page.